Project Options - Default Prints Tab

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The Default Prints tab of the Options for PCB Project dialog


This tab of the Options for PCB Project dialog enables you to set up the default print outputs for the Schematic and PCB editors. It is these nominated defaults that are used when running the following commands from the editors' main menus:

  • Outputs | Documentation | .
  • Outputs | Documentation |  » Print Preview.
These defaults are also applied from the Projects panel when using the right-click Print and Print Preview commands for a schematic document (*.SchDoc) or PCB document (*.PcbDoc).


This is one of multiple tabs available when configuring the options for a project – accessed from within the Options for PCB Project dialog. This dialog is accessed by:

  • Clicking Project | Content | from the main menus in the Schematic Editor or the PCB Editor.
  • Right-clicking on the entry for the project itself in the Projects panel then choosing Project Options from the context menu.


The main area of the tab presents a listing of all supported print-based outputs that can be generated from the schematic and PCB editors. Output types are grouped into the following categories:

  • Assembly Outputs
  • Documentation Outputs
  • Fabrication Outputs
  • Other Outputs
  • Report Outputs
  • Validation Outputs

For each entry, the following information is displayed:

  • Output Description - what is given by using this print output type.
  • Supports - the editor for which this print output type is supported.
  • Default Print - indicates whether this print output type is to be used as the default print type (enabled), or not (disabled).
Only one print output type can be set as the default print type for each editor.

Below the list, the following buttons are available:

  • Configure - click this button to access an associated dialog with which to configure the currently selected print output. The dialogs involved are:
  • Page Setup - click this button to access a Page Setup dialog for the currently selected print output, with which you can configure how the software outputs the specified printout to the chosen printer in terms of paper, scaling, and color settings. From within this dialog, you can access the relevant configuration dialog, the printer setup dialog, preview the printout, and ultimately print the output by sending it to the nominated printing device.


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