Component Text Position

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The Component Text Position dialog


This dialog allows you to quickly set the location of the designator and/or comment text strings for one or more selected components.


This dialog is accessible in the PCB Editor. With the components (whose designator and/or comment text you want to position) selected in the workspace, use the Tools | Arrange |  » Position Component Text command from the main menus.


The dialog presents sections for defining the positional style for both Designator and Comment, independently of each other. In each case, use the radio buttons arranged around a section's component graphic to choose the required positional style for the text in relation to its parent component. Each of these is an autoposition style, meaning that the text will remain in the chosen position as the component is moved and rotated. To leave text in its current position with no modification, leave the No Change option enabled.

The following positional styles are available, which correspond to the entries in the Autoposition field in the Designator and Comment dialogs (or parent Component dialog):

  • Left-Above
  • Left-Center
  • Left-Below
  • Center-Above
  • Center
  • Center-Below
  • Right-Above
  • Right-Center
  • Right-Below


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