Unconnected Objects in Net

Parent category: Violations Associated with Nets

Default report mode:


This violation occurs when a pin, port, or sheet entry object is not wired up to the rest of the circuit.


If compiler errors and warnings are enabled for display on the schematic (enabled on the Schematic - Compiler page of the Preferences dialog), an offending object will display a colored squiggle beneath it. A notification is also displayed in the Messages panel in the following format:

Unconnected <Object> at <Location>,


Object is the type and name of the offending object (pin, port, or sheet entry).

Location is the X,Y coordinates of the object on the source schematic sheet.

Recommendation for Resolution

Consider the following in order to resolve this error:

  • If the pin/port/sheet entry is to be used, ensure that it is wired up to the rest of the circuit accordingly.
  • If a port or sheet entry is redundant, remove it from the design.
  • Tie any unused input pins to the appropriate power line.
  • Place No ERC directives on unused input or output pins.


  1. When the unconnected object is an input pin, an additional violation message will appear alerting you to the fact that the net to which the pin is associated contains floating input pins. The identifier for the pin will be listed in that message.
  2. The actual report mode used for a violation of this type is dependent upon the specific object type, its electrical I/O type and the corresponding reporting level defined on the Connection Matrix tab of the Options for Project dialog (Project | Content | ).
  3. The Report Mode setting on the Error Reporting tab of the Options for Project dialog has no affect on the Report Mode setting that appears for a violation of this type in the Messages panel. It is, however, used by the Online (real-time) error reporting directly within the design workspace. Controls for the Online reporting are available on the Schematic - Compiler page of the Preferences dialog.


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