Components Containing Duplicate Sub-Parts

Parent category: Violations Associated with Components

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This violation occurs when the same part of a multi-part component instance has been placed more than once in a schematic design. For example, you have placed a 74HC32 component with designator U9, but have inadvertently placed two instances of part one of this component, resulting in two instances of U9A in the design.


If compiler errors and warnings are enabled for display on the schematic (enabled on the Schematic - Compiler page of the Preferences dialog), an offending object will display a colored squiggle beneath it. A notification is also displayed in the Messages panel in the following format:

Component <ComponentName> has duplicate sub-parts at <Location1> and <Location2>,


ComponentName is the name of the offending component in terms of its designator and library reference.

Location1 is the X,Y coordinates for the first instance of the particular sub-part.

Location2 is the X,Y coordinates for the duplicate instance of the particular sub-part.

Recommendation for Resolution

Change the part number for the offending parts as required. This can be achieved in one of the following ways:

  • Access the Component Properties dialog for the part and change the part number using the available arrow buttons found in the Properties region of the dialog.
  • Use the Increment Part Number command, which is available from the Part Actions sub-menu (when right-clicking over the part).


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