Component Implementations with Invalid Pin Mappings

Parent category: Violations Associated with Components

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This violation occurs when compiling an Integrated Library Package (*.LibPkg) and the pin mapping between the schematic component and the linked model is found to be invalid.


If compiler errors and warnings are enabled for display on the schematic (enabled on the Schematic - Compiler page of the Preferences dialog), an offending object will display a colored squiggle beneath it. A notification is also displayed in the Messages panel in the following format:

ComponentName: Could not find port <>ModelPinNumber on model <ModelName> for pin <ComponentPinNumber>,


ComponentName is the name of the component in the source schematic library.

ModelPinNumber is the expected designator for the pin/pad that could not be found on the linked model.

ModelName is the name of the model that is linked to the component.

ComponentPinNumber is the designator of the pin on the source schematic component to which the erroneous pin of the model is mapped.

Recommendation for Resolution

Double-click on the entry for the PCB model link to access the PCB Model dialog. In the dialog, click on the Pin Map button to access the Model Map dialog. In the Component Pin Designator column, find the pin number flagged by the message (ComponentPinNumber). The violation arises because the corresponding entry in the Model Pin Designator column points to a pad designator that does not exist in the PCB model. Amend the entry as required. Typically, there will be one-to-one mapping with the designators on both sides the same.


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