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The Edit Search Path dialog


The Edit Search Path dialog allows you to specify the path when searching for library files within the project. The following types of library files are supported as search path libraries:

  • *.PcbLib - Footprint libraries
  • *.Mdl - Sim model files
  • *.Ckt - Sim subcircuit files
  • *.PCB3DLib - PCB3D model libraries (legacy only)
 Note that retrieving models can be slow if there are a large number of files in the search path folder. Also, when a large number of libraries are accessed over a network, CircuitStudio performance may be slowed. 
Paths are searched from the top down.


The dialog is accessed from the Search Paths tab of the Options for Project dialog. Click Add under the Ordered List of Search Paths region. To access the Options for Project dialog:

  • From the PCB or schematic editor, click Home | Project |  » Options.
  • From the PCB or schematic editor, click Project | Content | .
  • Click View | System |  to access the Libraries dialog. Click Libraries then select Paths from the Search Path tab in the Available Libraries dialog.


  • Path - type in the search path or click  to access the Browse For Folder dialog to search for desired folder.
  • Filter - use to filter the search results. You can use the "*" (any character) wildcard, for example, "*.*" to display all files.
  • Store Path as Relative - use this option to display the path relative to where the files of the library design project reside.
  • Include sub-folders in search - enable this option to include searching sub-folders within the specified path.
  • Files Found on Search Path - this region lists the files found under the search path specified in the Path field using the selected options. The name of the library file(s) and parent folder(s) is listed under Name with the location of each file listed under Location.
  • Refresh List - click to refresh the results of the search.



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