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The Print Preview dialog


The Print Preview dialog allows you to view printouts and edit their setup definitions before actually printing.


This dialog can be accessed in the following ways:

  • From the schematic or PCB editor, click Outputs | Documentation |   » Print Preview.
  • Click View | System |  to access Circuit Studio's Home page. In the Projects drop-down at the top of the Home page, click Project Documents to present a summary of the documents for the active project. Right-click over the desired document's entry then choose the Print Preview command from the context menu.
  • In the Projects panel, right-click on any document name then click Print Preview.
  • In the Projects panel, select the desired project, click the Project button then click Print Preview.


The dialog is divided into three main regions:

  • The left side contains thumbnails of all pages contained within the document. Click on a thumbnail to jump to that page in the main display area. If there is more than one page, the current page is denoted by a red border.
  • The main area is a preview of what your printout will look like.
  • Buttons located at the bottom of the window allow you to manipulate the view.

Right-click Menu

The following commands are available on the right-click menu, which are accessed from either of the top two regions:

  • Copy - use this command to make a copy of the current page.
  • Export Metafile - use this command to export the current preview as a Windows Enhanced Metafile (*.EMF).
  • Page Setup - use this command to open a dialog to change printing properties of the current preview, such as paper size, scale and color.
  • Print - use this command to open a dialog to configure printer options then print.
  • Setup Printer - use this command to open a dialog to configure printer properties.
If the Preview window opens with only a single schematic sheet showing, select Setup Printer from the Preview window right-click menu, then in the Print What region of the Printer Configuration dialog, change the setting to Print All Valid Documents
  • Configuration - use this command to open a print dialog to change advanced print properties, such as the layers and objects to be printed. 
  • Fit Pages - use this command to fit all pages within the viewing area.
  • Page Width - use this command to scale the page to fit the width of the current viewing area.
  • Whole Page - use this command to show the entire page in preview window.
  • Zoom In - use this command to incrementally zoom in. 
  • Zoom Out - use this command to incrementally zoom out.
Zooming can also be performed using Ctrl+mouse wheel or by using the Page Up and Page Down keys to zoom in and out, respectively.
You can pan around the zoomed view by holding down the right-click mouse button then dragging the document. Use Shift+mouse wheel to scroll horizontally and the mouse wheel to scroll vertically. 
  • Refresh - use this command to update the preview window with your changes, if necessary.
  • Show Page Numbers - use this command to have page numbers printed on each page.
  • Show Print Region - use this command to show the region that will print.
  • Show Margin - use this command to show page margins.
  • Show Grid - use this command to show grid lines in the preview area. Note the grid lines will not be displayed on your printout. 
Many of the above right-click commands have a corresponding shortcut. The available shortcuts are listed on the right-click menu next to the corresponding commands.

Additional Controls

These controls allow you to manipulate the view. Many of these controls are duplicates of the right-click menu commands described above:

  •  - click to toggle the display of the thumbnails panel. The thumbnails panel shows the thumbnails of a each page.
  •  - click to display all pages of a multi-page printout in the preview window. 
  •  - click to adjust the document so the width of the page matches the width of the preview window.
  •  - click to adjust the document so that the entire page fits in the preview window. 
  •  - click to access the Printer Configuration dialog to print the current printout setup. 
  •  - displays the current zoom factor. Enter a value to scale the current preview.
  •  - the following cluster of controls can be used to quickly navigate through multi-page printouts:
    • First - click to go to the first page of a multi-page printout.
    • Previous - click to go to the previous page of a multi-page printout.
    • Current - reflects the current page number. You can also enter a page number then click Enter to go directly to that page.
    • Next - click to go to the next page of a multi-page printout.
    • Last - click to go to the last page of a multi-page printout.


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