Pick and Place Setup

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The Pick and Place Setup dialog.


This dialog provides configuration options when generating pick and place component location files.


The dialog is accessed from the PCB Editor by clicking Outputs | Assembly | from the main menus.


  • Formats - use this region to specify in which format (CSV and/or Text) you want to generate output.
  • Units - use this region to specify whether to use Imperial or Metric units of measurement for the component location coordinates.
After clicking OK the file(s) will be generated (Pick Place for <PCBDocumentName>.csv and/or Pick Place for <PCBDocumentName>.txt). The files will be stored in accordance with defined Output Path on the Options tab of the Project Options dialog and appear in the Projects panel under the Generated\Text Documents sub-folder for the project.
If the option to Use separate folder for each output type is enabled (on the Options tab of the Project Options dialog), the files will appear in the panel under the Generated (Pick Place Output)\Text Documents sub-folder.


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