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The Find Text - Jump dialog


This dialog provides controls to quickly browse back and forth through multiple text items matching a defined text search.

The dialog is available for use only where multiple instances of the text to find is returned. If a single matching text string is returned, this dialog will not be accessible.


From the Schematic Editor or Schematic Library Editor:

  • Use the Tools | Find and Replace |  » Find Next command from the main menus.
The dialog will only appear if the last find text action targeted text that results in multiple occurrences of that text.
  • Click Tools | Find and Replace | from the main menus. Specify the text to search for in the Find Text dialog then click OK. If there are multiple occurrences of the search text found, this dialog will open.
Additionally, from the Schematic Editor, use the Tools | Find and Replace |  » Jump to Component command from the main menus. Enter a component designator to jump to then click the OK button. If a multi-part component is returned, the first part will be highlighted and the Find Text - Jump dialog will open.


  • Previous - click this button to browse to the previous matching text item. Click repeatedly to sequentially step back through the items.
  • Next - click this button to browse to the next matching text item. Click repeatedly to sequentially step forward through the items.
As you step back and forth through the matching occurrences of found text, the upper region of the dialog will reflect the original search text and the current Item being viewed in the workspace in terms of the type of object (designator, net identifier (port, power port, net label), text string, or text frame), and its matching text.
  • Close - click this button to close the dialog. Click on the drop-down arrow at the right-hand side of the button to access a menu with the following options:
    • New Search - choose this command to open the Find Text dialog in which you can modify the search as required.
    • Close - choose this command to close the dialog.


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