Choose a Snap Grid Size

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The Choose a snap grid size dialog


This dialog provides controls to quickly set a different interval size for the Snap grid. The Snap grid pulls the cursor to the nearest point on its defined grid.


From the Schematic Editor, right-click in the workspace then choose the Grids » Set Snap Grid command.


Use the field in this dialog to set the grid interval as required.

The entered grid size is reflected at the left-hand side of the status bar and also in the Grids region on the Sheet Options tab of the Document Options dialog (Project | Content | ).


  1. In the workspace, cycle forward (G) or back (Shift+G) through predefined grid settings. The settings available are determined by the chosen presets as defined on the Schematic - Grids page of the Preferences dialog and the current measurement system in force (Imperial or Metric). If you change the grid size in this manner, your entered setting will be lost since cycling only involves the currently chosen preset interval settings.


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