Choose Document to Place

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The Choose Document to Place dialog


This dialog provides controls to choose the target schematic document that is to be referenced by a newly-created sheet symbol when using the Create Sheet Symbol From Sheet command.

Make the sheet that is to include the sheet symbol the active document before proceeding to use this dialog.


The dialog is accessed from the Schematic Editor by right-clicking away from any design objects then using the Sheet Actions » Create Sheet Symbol From Sheet command on the context menu.


The main area of the dialog lists all candidate schematic documents for the project that can validly be used as the target reference sub-sheet for the new sheet symbol. Each document is listed in terms of its Document Name and Document Path to the folder in which it resides.

Click on an entry to select the required document.

Since the sheet symbol is created and placed on the active sheet, this sheet will not be listed. This is because a sheet symbol cannot reference the same sheet on which it is itself placed.


You are reporting an issue with the following selected text and/or image within the active document: