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The No ERC dialog


This dialog provides controls to specify the properties of a No ERC object. The No ERC marker is placed on a node in the circuit to suppress all reported warning and/or error violation conditions that are detected when the schematic project is compiled. Use this to deliberately limit error checking at a certain point in the circuit that you know will generate a warning (such as an unconnected pin), while still performing a comprehensive check of the rest of the circuit.

The No ERC marker cannot be modified graphically, other than changing its location. To move a No ERC marker, click and hold while dragging it to a new location.


The No ERC dialog can be accessed during placement by pressing the Tab key.

After placement, the dialog can be accessed in one of the following ways:

  • Double-click on the placed No ERC object.
  • Place the cursor over the No ERC object, right-click then choose Properties from the context menu.


Graphical Properties

  • Orientation - specify the orientation of the marker counterclockwise in relation to the horizontal. Options available are: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees.
  • Symbol - specify which symbol to use for the marker. The No ERC marker supports a number of different styles and can be displayed in any color. Use this ability to reflect the design intent for this point in the circuit. Supported symbols are: Thin Cross, Thick Cross, Small Cross, Check Box, and Triangle.
  • Color - click the color sample to change the color of the marker using the standard Choose Color dialog.
  • Location X/Y - the current X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates for the center point of the marker's bounding rectangle. Edit these values to change the position of the marker in the horizontal and/or vertical planes respectively.
  • Locked - enable this option to protect the marker from being edited graphically.
An object that has its Locked property enabled cannot be selected or graphically edited. Double-click on the locked object directly then disable the Locked property to graphically edit the object.


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