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The Track dialog


The Track dialog provides controls to modify the properties of a track object. Note that a line is also a track object; the term line is used to indicate that the object is intended to be a non-net object, so it will not automatically inherit the net name of a touching object. A line also presents a different dialog if Tab is pressed during placement. Refer to the Track object page for more information. 


This dialog can be accessed during placement by pressing the Tab key.

After placement, the dialog can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Double-click on the placed object.
  • Place the cursor over the object, right-click then choose Properties from the context menu.


  • Start X/Y - Shows the current X/Y coordinate of the track start point relative to the current origin.
  • End X/Y - Shows the current X/Y coordinate of the track end point relative to the current origin.
  • Width - Shows the current width of the track. Edit this field to change the track width within the range 0.001mil to 10000mil.

Values can be defined in either mm or mil units. When entering a value in units other than the current units, add the mm or mil suffix to the value.


  • Layer - Define on which layer the track is located.
  • Net - Select the Net to which this track belongs. Note that if track placement commences at the same location as an existing object that is already connected to a Net, the Net property of the new object is automatically assigned to that Net.
  • Locked - If this option is enabled, the track will be locked and cannot be selected or edited.
  • Keepout - Check this box to set the object to act as a layer-specific Keepout object. A Keepout object is displayed in the layer color, outlined in the Keepout color. A keepout object is used on a signal layer to create a layer-specific keepout. Layer-specific keepouts are not included during output generation.

To toggle the units of measurement used in the open dialog between metric (mm) and imperial (mil), press the Ctrl+Q shortcut. This affects the dialog only and does not change the actual measurement unit currently employed for the board as determined by the Home | Grids and Units | Metric or Imperial setting chosen on the Ribbon.

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