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The PCB Editor - Display page of the Preferences dialog


The PCB Editor – Display page of the Preferences dialog provides a range of options relating to the visual functionality the PCB workspace.


The PCB Editor – Display page is part of the main Preferences dialog (File | ) and is accessed by clicking the Display entry under the PCB Editor folder in the left hand pane of the dialog. 


DirectX Options 

  • Use Flyover Zoom in DirectX - Check this option to enable the Flyover Zoom function in DirectX.
  • Draw Shadows in 3D - Enable to apply a shadow effect to objects when viewing in 3D mode.
The shadowing is applied only when viewing the PCB from the top. This is to prevent confusion between viewing the top and bottom of the board.
  • Antialiasing Quality - Use the slider bar to adjust the antialiasing degree in 3D. Move the slider fully to the right to disable antialiasing.

3D Bodies 

  • Show Simple 3D Bodies - Enable to display simple (extruded) 3D bodies.
  • Show STEP Models - Enable to display 3D STEP models included in the design.

Available Single Layer Modes

  • Hide Other Layers - enable to hide any other layers.
  • Gray Scale Other Layers - enable to make any other layers gray scale.
  • Monochrome Other Layers - enable to make other layers monochrome.


  • Jump to Active View Configuration - Click this text to jump the View Configurations dialog. The View Options tab of the dialog will be presented, providing additional display-related options for the PCB workspace.
  • Layer Drawing Order - Click to open the Layer Drawing Order dialog, which allows the order in which layers are redrawn on the screen to be defined. The order that the layers appear in the list is the order in which they will be redrawn. The layer at the top of the list is the layer which will appear on top of all other layers on the screen.
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