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The Place Component dialog


This dialog provides controls to place the active PCB 2D/3D Component model in the active PCB Library document onto the last active PCB document.


The Place Component dialog is accessed when using the Place Component in PCB command (Home | Board | from the PCB Library Editor's main menus). The dialog appears when the last active PCB document is made the active document.


Placement Type

This region provides options to control the type of placement, either Footprint or Component. By default, the Footprint option is selected since the dialog has been accessed from within a PCB Library.

Component Details

  • Lib Ref - the reference (logical symbol name) of the component in the associated Schematic Library. Since the Footprint placement type is pre-selected - having accessed the dialog from a PCB Library - this field is not used. If the placement type were changed to Component, the  button could be used to access the Browse Libraries dialog to search for the required schematic component across all available libraries (SchLibs and IntLibs).
  • Footprint - the footprint model that will be used to represent the component in the PCB domain. While the placement type is Footprint, the  button can be used to access the Browse Libraries dialog to search for the required footprint across all available libraries (PcbLibs and IntLibs). If the placement type has been changed to Component, this field will present the footprints defined for that component. If the component has multiple footprints (or more precisely 2D/3D component models) linked to it, these will be listed in the field's drop-down; choose the model you want to set as the current model.
  • Designator - the current designator that will be used for the next placed instance of the footprint.
  • Comment - use this field to give the footprint a meaningful comment, which could be its part number (for a specific IC package) or a value (for a generic component, such as a resistor, capacitor, or inductor).


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