Paste Mask Expansion

Rule category: Mask

Rule classification: Unary


The shape that is created on the paste mask layer at each pad site is the pad shape expanded or contracted radially by the amount specified by this rule.


Default constraints for the Paste Mask Expansion rule.

  • Expansion – the value applied to the initial pad shape to obtain the final shape on the paste mask layer. Enter a positive value to expand the initial pad shape; enter a negative value to contract it.

How Duplicate Rule Contentions are Resolved

All rules are resolved by the priority setting. The system goes through the rules from highest to lowest priority and picks the first one whose scope matches the object(s) being checked.

Rule Application

During output generation.


  1. The paste mask expansion can be defined for pads on an individual basis in the associated properties dialog. Options are available to follow the expansion defined in the applicable design rule or to override the rule and apply a specified expansion directly to the individual pad in question.


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