PCB Information

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The PCB Information dialog


This dialog provides you with a summary of key information pertaining to the active board including board dimensions and primitive counts, the number of components used, and the number of nets loaded. A detailed report can also be configured and generated.


The dialog is accessed from the PCB Editor by clicking Outputs | Reports | from the main menus.

General Tab

PCB Information dialog - General tab

Use the dialog's General tab to view general information about the board.


  • Primitives - this region of the tab presents a summary of primitive usage on the board in terms of how many Arcs, Fills, Pads, Strings, Tracks, Vias, Polygons, Coordinates, and Dimensions have been used.
  • Board Dimensions - this region of the tab reflects the dimensions of the board in accordance with the measurement unit employed for the board as determined by the  and  buttons in the Home | Grids and Units area of the main menus. The Min entry below the dimensions reflects the coordinates of the lower-left corner of the board shape.
  • Other - this region of the tab presents additional summary information regarding: the number of pad/via holes in the board, the number of pad slot holes, the number of pad square holes, and the current number of design rule violations (DRC).
You will need to have run a batch Design Rule Check (DRC) in order for information to be populated for the DRC field.
  • Report - this button is available regardless of the active tab; click it to generate a detailed report for the board. You will be presented with the Board Report dialog, in which you can configure the exact content to be included in the report. The report itself is generated in HTML format (Board Information - <PCBDocumentName>.html).

Components Tab

PCB Information dialog - Components tab

Use the dialog's Components tab to view information regarding component usage.


  • Total - the total number of components used on the board.
  • Top - the number of components on the top side of the board.
  • Bottom - the number of components on the bottom (solder side) of the board.
  • Component Listing - a list of all components used on the board by their physical designator.

Nets Tab

PCB Information dialog - Nets tab

Use the dialog's Nets tab to view information regarding nets usage.


  • Loaded - the total number of nets loaded in the design.
  • Nets Listing - a list of all nets used on the board by name.
  • Pwr/Gnd - click this button to access the Internal Plane Information dialog with information about the internal plane layers used in the board design, including the net(s) connecting to them and the pins (pads) of components associated to those nets.


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