Bus Routing

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The Bus Routing dialog


The Bus Routing dialog provides controls to change the spacing (track center-to-track center separation) between tracks while routing multiple traces using the interactive multi-trace routing feature.

The bus spacing can also be changed on-the-fly directly in the workspace. Use the "," (comma) and "." (period) shortcuts to interactively decrement and increment the bus spacing, respectively, in steps of the current snap grid.


While interactively routing using the multi-trace routing feature, access the dialog by pressing the Tab key.

With the required component pads selected in the workspace, multi-trace routing is accessed using the Home | Routing | Route » Multiple Traces command from the main menus. Alternatively, right click in the workspace then use the Interactive Multi-Routing command from the context menu.


  • Bus Spacing - use this field to change the value for the spacing (the distance between the centers of adjacent tracks), as required.
  • From Rule - click this button to enter a value into the Bus Spacing field that is calculated based on defined design rules. The value entered, which is also reflected on the button itself, is calculated by taking the minimum width of the applicable Width rule and adding this to the Track-to-Track clearance value defined in the applicable Clearance rule.


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