Measurement Tools

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A PCB design is highly detailed, with objects placed and sized with a great deal of precision. To ensure that you have complete control over the placement and sizing of design objects, CircuitStudio includes measurement tools.


Measurement tools are available in the Tools | Measure group on the Ribbon.

Perform accurate measurements on the design.

These are general purpose tools used for a broad variety of measurement tasks.

The Distance tool gives the X, Y and direct distance between two clicked locations.

These tools allow you to measure:

Command Behavior
Distance Measure the X, Y and direct distance between the first and second click locations.
Between Primitives Click anywhere on two primitives; the software displays the shortest distance between their edges (clearance).
Selected Primitives Used to check the overall length of routes. Note that this tool works on selected tracks and arcs; it does not include via lengths.

Like all edit actions, the cursor moves between points on the current snap grid. You may need to change the grid value to access the point you want to measure from/to.

The hotspot snap feature also pulls the cursor to the hotspot of an object that is within the current Snap to Object Hotspot Range (set in the Board Options dialog). In the image above, it helped by snapping the cursor to the tip of the logo. The Hotspot snap can be temporarily disabled by holding the Ctrl key.


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