Library Component Management Tools

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While most PCB library editing actions are at the primitive object level - such as placing the pads and adding lines on the Top Overlay - there are also "component-level" edits that need to be performed, such as copying and pasting components from a PCB or another PCB library. Use these commands to perform component-level edit actions.


Component management tools are available in the Home | Library group on the Ribbon.

Perform component management tasks in the Library menu.

Use these tools to:

Command Behavior
Component Properties Opens the PCB Library Component dialog. The dialog is used to define the component's name, description and height. Refer to the PCB Library Component dialog page to learn more about the options in the dialog.
Copy Component Copy the current component to the clipboard, ready to paste into the current library or another library. This command can also be accessed via the PCB Library panel right-click menu.
Paste as New Component Paste component(s) from the clipboard into the current library. Components can be copied onto the clipboard from a PCB library (Copy Component command) or from an open PCB (select the components and Ctrl+C).


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