Data Management - Vaults

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The Data Management - Vaults page of the Preferences dialog


The Data Management – Vaults page of the Preferences dialog provides access to Altium's own design content, courtesy of the cloud-based Altium Content Vault. This vault houses all data under the following top-level folders:

  • Board Templates – offering board templates, managed sheets, and board connector components.
  • Unified Components – offering vendor-specific families of components, as well as generic components, including capacitors and resistors.


The Data Management – Vaults page is part of the main Preferences dialog (File | ) and is accessed by selecting the Vaults entry under the Data Management folder in the left hand pane of the dialog.


To connect to the vault, click the Add Altium Content Vault button. Provided you have a licensed instance of CircuitStudio, a connection to the vault will be made instantly. This direct connection enables you to access and place content from the Altium Content Vault directly into your designs through the Vaults panel (File » Vault Explorer).

With a connection to the Altium Content Vault made, an entry will appear for it in the main area of the page. The vault will be enabled by default, ready for use. The following information is presented:

  • Name – the name of the vault (Altium Content Vault).
  • Description – a description of the vault ( Altium Content Vault).
  • Address – this is the address of the vault server; the URL to its location (
  • Status – whether the connection between CircuitStudio and the vault is successful () or not (). If connection is unsuccessful, a comment will be displayed indicating the problem.
  • Enabled – whether the vault is available for use by the system (enabled, checked) or not (disabled, unchecked).

To disconnect from the Altium Content Vault, click the Disconnect From Vault button. The vault is removed from the list. To use the vault again, re-connect to it. It can be easier to toggle the vault's Enabled state. The connection to the vault remains, but is not 'seen' by the system and therefore, for all intents and purposes, appears as though it had been disconnected.


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