Redesigned Home Page

CircuitStudio 1.3 delivers a fresh new Home/Start page, providing a clean, streamlined, and intuitive new-look, along with updates to key pages including the My Account page.

Home Page

The CircuitStudio Start page, opened by when you first install the software, provides a central location from which to access many common system tasks and system configuration options. The page is designed to offer simple and direct way to access routinely used areas of the software, such as the My Account page and design-based tasks (opening or starting a new project), as well as software configuration options through Extension & Updates

Access the Start page from the ribbon’s View menu: View | Start.

Task links on the Start page provide single-click access to key actions and configuration features.

  • Select Projects to start a new project, open an existing/recent project, view reference projects or project documents.
  • Select Community to view CircuitStudio's forums and community, which can be used for networking, FAQs, webinars, and more.
  • Select Help to launch CircuitStudio's online documentation in your default browser.
  • Select My Account to manage your CircuitStudio software license, sign in/out, and change Account Preferences.  See System Installation, Licensing & Management for detailed information.

My Account Page

The My Account page has also received a facelift in this release.

The new-look My Account area.

Included in the new My Account area is a new Edit Account page which allows designers to easily update their user information.

Editable information includes name, email address, website info, and contact information.


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