Import EAGLE Libraries

When importing projects from EAGLE, it makes sense that you'd need your EAGLE Library as well. With CircuitStudio 1.4, designers can easily 'add' those libraries for use with imported files. As with other libraries, an EAGLE Library can be selected for addition to your installed libraries, through the Installed tab of the Available Libraries dialog (accessed by clicking the Libraries button at the top-left of the Libraries panel). While you are selecting an EAGLE library (*.LBR), it is actually converted into an Integrated Library (*.IntLib) - a format that can be readily used in CircuitStudio.

After opening the Installed tab of the Available Libraries dialog, click Install and select Install from file from the drop-down menu.

Use the file browser to navigate to and select the desired EAGLE Library (*.LBR). Click Open.

The EAGLE library will be converted to an Integrated Library and added to the Installed libraries list. Irrespective of the name of the original EAGLE library, the converted integrated library will always take the name of the currently focused design project. The IntLib's constituent source libraries - SchLib and PcbLib - will, however, be named using the original EAGLE library name.

Once added, the converted IntLib can be accessed and used through the Libraries panel.

You can access the source SchLib and PcbLib documents either by extracting the sources (opening the IntLib) - which will open the Library Package (*.LibPkg) in CircuitStudio - or by browsing to the generated LibPkg file, and opening it directly. In each case, the LibPkg and constituent source libraries will be loaded into the Projects panel.

Note that some component information from imported EAGLE Libraries may not be visible because EAGLE Component descriptions are not always entered and therefore cannot carry over.
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