Text Entry

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The two variations of the Text Entry dialog


This dialog provides controls to enter text. While the controls of the dialog remain the same, its banner text will change depending on whether it was accessed to enter text for a Note object or a Text Frame object.


The dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • By clicking the Change button associated with the Text field in the Properties region of the Note dialog.
  • By clicking the Change button associated with the Text field in the Properties region of the Text Frame dialog.


Use the main window to enter the required text. The dialog supports standard text operations including: Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete. Commands for these actions can be found on the right-click menu, along with the ability to Select All text currently entered and Undo any action.

The reading order for the text can also be changed using the right-click menu's Right to left Reading order toggle control.

Unicode support is available courtesy of the right-click menu's Insert Unicode control character sub-menu. The following control characters are available:

  • LRM - left-to-right mark
  • RLM - right-to-left mark
  • ZWJ - zero width joiner
  • ZWNJ - zero width non-joiner
  • LRE - start of left-to-right embedding
  • RLE - start of right-to-left embedding
  • LRO - start of left-to-right override
  • RLO - start of right-to-left override
  • PDF - pop directional formatting
  • NADS - national digit shapes substitution
  • NODS - nominal (European) digit shapes
  • ASS - activate symmetic swapping
  • ISS - inhibit symmetric swapping
  • AAFS - activate Arabic form shaping
  • IAFS - inhibit Arabic form shaping
  • RS - record separator (Block separator)
  • US - unit separator (Segment separator)
Enable the display of Unicode control characters using the right-click menu's Show Unicode control characters toggle control.


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